(all those women who occupy so much of my thinking time.)
funny really how much time I really spend thinking about women.
not all women of course (that would be as stupid as thinking all people are equally interesting)
but a few here and there...

the addition of sexual tension to an existing clash of egos and minds is a catalyst like no other

see I think people look at seduction in such a strange way -
I don't think seduction is about convincing someone to sleep with you at all -
rather it's about voluntarily extending the time till the inevitable conclusion in the most amusing way...

you can of course play it as a one way game and you may even win - occasionally - but
you'd be missing the point. (hey if it's any comfort, you're not the only one...)
it's much easier when it's mutual...in fact most women will seduce themselves for you

what I mean by this is that much like a cat will tell you where it wants to be stroked, a woman will do the same thing both physically and mentally....it's just that the signals are more difficult to read.

(this was the piece de resistance of a small piece I wrote in college...finally got to put
it down somewhere. there was lots more in there but this really sums it up efficiently)

dunno. thought this page was gonna be all about flirting - where, why, how etc...but now that I come to write it I'm in a slight "if it has to be explained then you'll probably never know" frame of mind.

still i might change.
stranger things, after all, have happened.